The Ballymaloe Cookery Course has been a truly fantastic experience, I  only wish it had lasted longer than 3 months! I came to Ballymaloe with a real passion for cooking and looking forward to improve my skills and knowledge in the field. But I feel I left Ballymaloe, with many more interests and passions to pursue (sourdough baking, fermenting...).
Ballymaloe has taught me, that cooking actually starts in the gardens weather it be with the seed or the animal; the importance of good suppliers ( rare has it been in my life that I can tell you from where/who comes every ingredient on my plate!); the health benefits of understanding what goes into your food; and the many various ways of pursuing a career in food.
All in all a constant source of inspiration for now and the future!
Student Name: Megan Montibert
Course Attended: 12 Week Course