EU Flag

The United Kingdoms decision to leave the European Union (EU) is very sad for Europe, the United Kingdom and particuarily Ireland.  As nearest neighbours Britain and Ireland have always had a close relationship.  Even in times of conflict and strife people from both sides of the Irish sea crossed over for work and life. 

As such it is with great sadness that the Irish watch as the UK imposes the self inflicted wound of Brexit.  Brexit will have a profound effect on the Irish people and on the Irish economy but the Republic of Ireland will remain in the EU no matter what the UK does.

While Brexit will have an effect on Ballymaloe Cookery School like all Irish Businesses,   currently and for the forseeable future UK students can travel freely to Ireland, there is no need for a Visa (and will never be).

For students coming from further afield it is important to note that Southern Ireland (where the school is based) is not part of the UK and is still part of the EU.  Your plans to get an Irish Visa that is valid throughout the EU is still valid and can be optained on entry for 90 days.

Brexit is a political and social upheaval for all involved in the EU but it should not affect your time at Ballymaloe Cookery School.