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  • Pan-grilled mackerel served in 3 ways

Mackerel Crudo; Pan-grilled Mackerel with Nasturtium Butter; Green Gooseberry Sauce; Green Olive, Celery and Raisin Salsa

Chicken Thighs or Chicken Drumstick with Anchovy and Parsley Mayo

or Roast Almond, Egg and Anchovy Sauce 

Rosemary Roasties 

  • Fresh Vegetable of the Day – Swiss Chard with Basil or Marjoram 

Summer Green Salad with Vino Cotto Dressing

  • Break all the Rules Pastry

Three-Stone Pie OR Whitecurrant and White Peach Tart 

OR Apple and Raspberry or Blackberry Tart with Sweet Geranium 

Vegetarian Option: Curried Lentils with Plain Boiled Rice

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