Date: Wed 6th Apr to Fri 8th Apr
Start Time...: 2:00 pm
End Time Last Day (Approx) : 5:30 pm
Price: €750
Demonstrations: 3
Hands on Sessions: 2


So many of us are ‘time-poor’ – struggling to juggle careers with running our homes, doing our best to look after the important people in our lives – that we want to make sure that the food we are cooking is delicious, nourishing and healthy, simply oozing with TLC.

You will come away from this two-and-a-half day course armed with a repertoire of fuss-free, quick and tasty dishes – good, gutsy food with masses of flavour, guaranteed to gladden the hearts of your nearest and dearest and tantalize the most jaded palate. We’ll give you invaluable time-saving tips and a list of the essential ingredients you should have in your cupboard for those fraught occasions when you haven’t had a chance to do a ‘big shop’ and have very little time available to prepare something simple but delicious.

The course will include quick and easy breads, starters, main courses, salads and some scrumptious puddings. Many of the recipes can be adapted to suit either conservative or adventurous tastes.  There will be plenty of delicious temptations to guarantee a hug for the cook!

Students will have the opportunity to taste all the dishes prepared during the course.

 Lunch is included on 2 days.

Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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