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Afternoon Cookery Classes begin at 2PM, however please try to be at cookery school for 1:45PM. Guests will get a copy of all recipes and tastings of all dishes at the end of the demonstration. Please note you will be joining our main student body for this demonstration.
Below is details of the menu for this day.

A Plate of Locally Smoked Fish with Mustard and Dill Mayonnaise, Horseradish Sauce and Cucumber Pickle

Smoked Salmon, Mussels, Trout, Haddock, Tuna, Mackerel, Sprats

  • How to cut steaks - Sirloin; Fillet; Medallions; Tournado; T-bone; Minute Steak

Pan-grilled Sirloin or Fillet Steak with Béarnaise Sauce

Fillet of Beef with Currants and Armagnac

Caponata (recipe only); Ratatouille Nicoise (recipe only)

French Fried Onions; Piperonata; Cauliflower Cheese

Italian Cauliflower Fritters

  • Hand-cut Chips - Pommes Allumettes

Rocket and Olive Salad

Normandy Pear Tart; Apricot and Frangipane Tart; Bakewell Tart

Blood Orange Tart; Seville Orange Bakewell Tart

  • How to prepare spiced beef

Ballymaloe Spiced Beef with Spicy Tomato Sauce

  • Serve Spiced Beef with Cucumber Pickle and/or Hazelnut and Avocado Salsa on Wednesday
  • Recipe Suggestions for other sauces for steak

 Steak au Poivre; Steak with Portobello Mushroom Sauce

Steak with Salsa Verde; Steak with Chipotle Butter

Steak with Roast Red Peppers, Anchoiade and Rocket Leaves

Steak with Chimichurri Sauce; Steak with Red Wine Sauce

  • How to pickle an ox tongue
Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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