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Afternoon Cookery Classes begin at 2PM, however please try to be at cookery school for 1:45PM. Guests will get a copy of all recipes and tastings of all dishes at the end of the demonstration. Please note you will be joining our main student body for this demonstration.
Below is details of the menu for this day.

  • How to prepare squid

Chargrilled Squid, Chilli and Parsley Oil

Variation: Chargrilled Squid, Chilli, Parsley Oil and Chorizo

Grilled Squid, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Majoram

  • How to butterfly a leg of lamb/How to bone out a leg of lamb

Mild Madras Curry and Fresh Spices

Accompaniments - Fresh Mint Chutney; Tamarind Chutney with Bananas

Sweet Apples with Lemon Juice

Mango with Lime Juice; Hot Chilli Sauce

Onion, Tomato Thayir Pachadi

Indian breads – Poori, Naan, Chapatis

Agen Prunes, Rosewater Cream

  • Filo

Moroccan Snake

Almond and Orange Blossom Fingers

Drinks: Lassi Indian Yoghurt drink – sweet or salty

Indian Lime and Ginger Lemonade

  • Petit Four Agen Chocolate Prunes
Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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