Afternoon Cookery Classes begin at 2PM, however please try to be at cookery school for 1:45PM. Guests will get a copy of all recipes and tastings of all dishes at the end of the demonstration
Below is details of the menu for this day.

Rachel’s Gaspacho; Gaspacho Popsicles

Salmorejo, Hard-Boiled Egg, Serrano

Fresh Tomato Juice; Persian Cocktail 

  • How to joint a chicken
  • How to prepare a chicken breast 
  • How to brine a chicken breast 

Chicken Breasts, Spicy Peanut Satay Sauce, Coriander

Chicken Paillard, Roasted Grapes, Almonds

  • How to prepare chicken wings; buffalo wings

Chilli Chicken Wings, Sesame Seeds, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Herb Salad

Spiced Chicken Drumsticks with  Basmati Rice, Poppodums,

Ballymaloe Country Relish (marinade chicken legs only); Banana, Yoghurt Raita

  • How to slice

Buttered Courgettes or Zucchini, Marjoram

Traditional Irish Boiled Potatoes (Jacket Potatoes); Potatoes in Seawater

  • How to line a flan ring

Besancon Apple Tart - Tarte aux pommes de Besancon

Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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