Many people who come to do our 12 Week Certificate course have been thinking about it for many years.  Often it has been an interest for a long time and like so many other people, they find it difficult to just seize the moment and make the time to attend the course.  12 Weeks is a long time after all and sometimes its too much to expect an employer to keep your position open while you go off and learn how to cook in the wilds of east cork.  However if you do manage to arrange all this, then there is many things to be learned and enjoyed.  

Find out how previous students got  on.

Many of our students over the years have written a blog while they are here at the school and have documented their day to day experiences.  Below are a few moments that are of interest and if you would like to know more and have a few extra excuses to just do it, you will find many more links on our Student Blogs page.

"The experience of Ballymaloe is like nothing that I can describe and do justice to ... it really is a special place, the people are warm, welcoming and generous with their knowledge and time (and i don't just mean in their work hours) ... within a day or two you feel like you have been there for years, and that is down to the atmosphere created by the teachers and staff! 

The students ... with ages ranging from 17 -70 ... you would think there would be a massive divide, yes there is a natural divide in accodomation and evening socialising with roommates etc. but overall it was fantastic to meet people of all ages and a multitude of different backgrounds and to get to do things together! 
Don't get me wrong ... Ballymaloe is exhausting ... especially if you try to enjoy the social side as well as try and experience everything Ballymaloe has to offer! But ... it is  so worth it!
It’s also important to that Ballymaloe is not just about the cooking ... it’s about the whole experience that goes with it ... 3 months living in food heaven with like minded people, in one of the most picturesque places in Ireland and by the sea ... what more could you want!" - Gar O'Sullivan April 2018
Some more fascinating blogs can be found on our Student blogs page, linking to students such as Una Ming Kavenagh who gives a very handy Day by Day, blow by blow account or Claudia Schmidt who provides a blog in German.

Demonstration Photos available every day

Dont forget that everyday we take photos of all the dishes cooked in the demonstration and make them available to students.  You can take a look at the photos from this course here - just remember they are taken quickly and not by a proffessional so some may not show our best side, but they all look  delicious.
A Few places still left in January 2019
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