BCS Alumni - Jack Kirwan - Ballymaloe Cookery School
Jack Kirwan of Sprout & Co. has just opened Sprout Kitchen at 63 Dawson St., Dublin 2. A graduate of the  January 2012 12 Week Certificate course, Jack went on to launch a juice bar at Avoca in Rathcoole with his brother Theo, and together they have built a very successful business distributing juices nationwide. 
Sprout's Food Ethos: ‘What we eat and where it comes from can empower or devastate our bodies, our communities and our planet.’
We’re Sprout & Co., and what we do is governed by our Food Ethos.  We believe in using the very best produce and ingredients in our food and beverages, as the choices we make in what we consume have consequences that last far beyond the length of our lunch break. Every choice we make about what we eat, and where it comes from, impacts on the health of our bodies, our communities and our planet. We continuously look for ways to make the best sustainable decisions and mindfully source the freshest ingredients. We feel a great sense of responsibility to make Sprout & Co. and it’s community (that includes you) a wave of positivity that spreads all around us, from salad bowl to the seeds in the soils of our growers. The way we run our business is also directed by our beliefs. Every part of what we do is our Food Ethos is action, and you can see it in our kitchen.