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Having a well stocked larder is never more important than over the Christmas period. Sauces, relishes, pickles, biscuits and sweet and savoury things will all help to ensure that there is always something lovely to snack on or help to create a quick and delicious meal. Everything I will prepare will keep perfectly for two weeks or longer.

To assist you in this I will prepare little Meringue Christmas Trees ( you may need to hide them like my mother used to do!),a Caramel Citrus Sauce for drizzling over hastily peeled and sliced tangerines, Kale and Walnut Pesto for a ham sandwich or perking up soups, Chocolate Prune and Whiskey Sauce for when only a drizzle of the shiny brown stuff will do, a Smoked Trout or Mackerel Pate for a TV snack or picnic in the garden, There will also be sweet and savoury Freezer Biscuits for when you just have time to cut and cook and little Cheese Scones for a quick defrost.




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