Date: Tue 15th Dec
Start Time: 11:00 am GMT
End Time (Approx): 12:30 pm
Price: €50


Join Debbie Shaw for a morning of Gluten Free Christmas cooking to make the Christmas Day Feast suitable and delicious for any coeliacs in the family. Debbie will be demonstrating how to make the follow recipes...

Spiced Pumpkin Soup  and Cheesy Chorizo Scones


Roast Chicken with Fresh herb Stuffing

Gravy using Homemade Chicken Stock

Bread Sauce

Spiced Cranberry Sauce

(Duck Fat Roasties)

Yule Log

Mince Pies with Brandy Cream


Debbie Shaw Dip NT, BA, GDBA

Naturopathic Nutritionist, Chef, Teacher, Food Writer


I grew up in the heart of suburban Dublin in a house on ½ an acre, with an enlightened father who grew beautiful, organic vegetables, had solar panels on the roof before they were fashionable, and ran a health-food business. Being the objects of mild curiosity, was a small price to pay and I still remember the taste of the squeaky French beans that turned from purple to green when cooked and the best new potatoes I have ever eaten, a feast with salty melted butter. As a child I do not remember having any significant illnesses or even frequent colds for that matter. I’m sure I owe this resilience to the wonderful, natural foods my parents grew and cooked for me.

I was a vegetarian for 14 years before I came to Ballymaloe Cookery School and decided to taste everything on offer to fully embrace the experience. The Ballymaloe philosophy of seasonal, sustainable, local, organic produce sat well with my evolving culinary heritage. On completing the course in 2001, Darina offered me a job as Cookery Demonstration Assistant and Teacher, which I happily accepted and stayed for 2 years until her brother Rory O’Connell, Head Chef of Ballymaloe House offered me a position at the House, where I advanced to a senior chef position. After two years there, I was ready for a new challenge and became a freelance chef, assisting Rachel Allen with her “Food for Living” TV series and working as private chef in Lismore Castle. I then took my first position as Head Chef at Barca, an Irish wine and tapas restaurant in Lismore.

I have always been interested in the healing power of foods and in 2007, I decided to expand my knowledge in the field by studying to be a Naturopathic Nutritionist with CNM College, at the Bon Secours Hospital in Cork city. I qualified as a Nutritionist in the summer of 2010. I promote healthy eating through my Wellness Programmes and have run 6 Feel Good Food courses at Ballymaloe Cookery School over the years.

I have a keen interest in alternative baking/cooking and my recipes include gluten-free, diary-free, low sugar, vegetarian and vegan recipes that focus on maximum flavour, nutrition and pleasure.

I am also very interested in sustainable health, sustainable food and a sustainable planet! I am currently studying “Climate Change, Sustainability and the Environment” at UCC.


My Philosophy

Whole, natural foods have the power to heal and bring vitality, happiness, well-being, and above all shire pleasure to our lives. Food has to taste good. My recipes are fresh, light, simple and affordable, and use wholefoods to give the body what it needs for optimal health and happiness.  Health for me is not about sacrifice, deprivation or bland uninspiring flavours.  My promise is easy to prepare recipes, full of flavour, that satisfy body and soul.




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