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This comprehensive course offers and highly informative and entertaining insight into the vernacular craft of beekeeping and the production of quality honey. It is ideally suited for anyone who has an interest in good food, nature, traditional craft, and who has a positive approach to healthy and positive living. Condensed into one full day, the course will cover both the theory and practical elements of beekeeping and participants will have the opportunity to undertake an inspection of the Ballymaloe bees in their hives.


This course, delivered with enthusiasm and imagination by Shane Lehane, incorporates an interactive talk supported by a stunning and stimulating slideshow. Shane will also introduce the practical side of beekeeping and participants will have a chance to learn about the beekeeping equipment, bee-suits, beehives, smokers and the full spectrum of beekeeping paraphernalia. In addition, there will be a chance to taste different honeys and bee pollen, while participants will be able to appreciate the properties of beeswax and lesser-known bee products such as propolis.

Participants can expect to be fully appraised of what it takes to be a beekeeper and the various activities that take place throughout the beekeeping year. A walk through the gardens in the Cookery School will allow everyone to appreciate the foraging methods of the bees. There will be an emphasis on the culinary uses of honey, while the mythology of bees and the native Irish traditions of beekeeping will be explored. A rare opportunity to explore this ancient craft and to appreciate the magic of bees and beekeeping: an activity that delivers much, much more than honey.

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