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Allegra Benitah aka The Challah Mummy, started to bake Challah to entertain her two young children after she walked away from a job as a tax lawyer at a leading law firm in London. 
Inspired by the vibrant East Cork gastronomic food scene and the culinary philosophies of Ballymaloe and its Cookery School, Allegra has elevated challah bread from a bread which has a traditionally been served plain and plaited to a bread which is designed, shaped and filled with the finest seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. 

Allegra will demonstrate how to make a classic challah bread from scratch as well as how to fill and shape it into delicious and beautiful designs. 
Follow Allegra on Instagram to see some of here exciting challah bread designs @challahmummy or www.challahmummy.co.uk 

This could be a fun course to bring a child along to – 50% discount for a child under 16 years. 

Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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