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 We sometimes get asked “how do I create a balanced menu?” Or people will say to me “I am never confident about what I should serve with what”. This is what Rory's new book, 'Cook Well, Eat Well', is all about. As a result of those questions in the cookbook I have composed a series of seasonal balanced menus that I hope will be of help to all cooks who find themselves in a similar position of uncertainty.

The object of the exercise when creating a balanced meal is to compose a menu that will nourish and delight, and that will leave diners feeling satisfied rather than overfed and exhausted.

What most of us want is something nourishing and delicious to eat, and whether it is cooking for myself or a group of family or friends, cooking and then sharing the results of that effort remains a great pleasure. 

This course is all about creating and enjoying the pleasure of a good meal.

"It's been a dream of mine for years to come to Ballymaloe and it was all I hoped and more. Rory is a natural teacher, his recipes are thoughtful and inspired, and the Ballymaloe kitchens? A literal dream come true. I've never eaten better or felt more at home. I also just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped my husband and I out when our rental car fell through. The office staff, and of course Toby were so kind to me. I'm already planning to tuck money away so that I can come back one day..." - Student Feedback


What you’ll learn

  •     A selection of delicious recipes and how to make them.
  •     An understanding of what it takes to create a balanced menu.
  •     A variety of essential techniques you’ll use again and again
  •     Tips for forward planning and saving time

Course elements

  •      A tour of the organic farm, gardens, dairy and greenhouses, which provide much of the seasonal produce you’ll be cooking with
  •     Three demonstration sessions, showing how dishes are prepared from scratch, with overhead mirrors and two monitors showing close-up handiwork. Rory will share a wealth of knowledge through her expert tips and techniques. Students can ask questions and have the opportunity to taste the dishes prepared at the end of the sessions
  •      Two practical, hands-on sessions in the kitchens, where you can cook 2-4 dishes from each demonstration. With a high teacher to student ratio of 1:6, there’s plenty of support and guidance while you master the recipes, learn to make the most of your ingredients and gain a deeper learning experience. Let your teacher know if there are specific techniques you’d like to master, as seen in the demonstrations

Good to know

  •     Breakfast and lunch included; eat alongside fellow students, our teachers and gardeners
  •     Often you’re able to watch the cows being milked, the sourdough loaves being made and gather produce for the days cooking with the gardeners
  •     A pack of the recipes will be provided for your ongoing reference 
  •     Our Shop will be open for further inspiration: cookery books, equipment and select ingredients
  •     Accommodation available within our grounds and close by
  •     There’s plenty to do and explore in the area. These summer courses are a fabulous way to spend your summer in the countryside. Learn during the days, eat well and then soak up the surroundings in the evenings
  •     We run this course several times a year, varying the recipes in synch with the seasons
Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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