Afternoon Cookery Classes begin at 2PM, however please try to be at cookery school for 1:45PM. Guests will get a copy of all recipes and tastings of all dishes at the end of the demonstration
Below is details of the menu for this day.



  • How to prepare squid

Chargrilled Squid, Chilli, Parsley Oil, Rocket Leaves

Squid,Garlic Butter

Thai Squid Salad

Ottolenghi Squid, Prawn, Fennel, Lime Salad

Spicy Haddock and Squid Cakes, Thai Dipping Sauce

  • How to joint a duck and use every scrap!
  • Magret de Canard 

Duck Breast, Kumquat Compote, Gujerati Style French Beans

Duck Breast, Spiced Lentils,Caramelised Apples

Duck Breast, Cabbage; Duck Breasts, Piquant Beetroot

Duck Breast, Five Spice Powder

Ragout of Duck Wings – render and save duck fat for confit and roast potatoes

  • Start Duck Confit

Rustic Potatoes (on pan); Aloo Makallah (Crusty Potatoes); Aloo Gobi

Passion Fruit Mousse, Sugared Strawberries

A Chocolate Case, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberries

  • Brandy snap cups

John Desmond’s Caramel Ice-Cream in Brandy Snap, Bananas, Caramel Sauce

Caramel Ice-Cream, Salted Peanuts, Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Sauce

  • Petit Fours Chocolate Cases with Banana, Walnuts, Rum and Raisins

Ballymaloe Chocolates; Ballymaloe Chocolates, Grapes, Kirsch

Ballymaloe Chocolates, Raspberries

  • Pastry – how to make puff pastry
  • Smoking – Hot Smoked Duck Breast
Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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