Afternoon Cookery Classes begin at 2PM, however please try to be at cookery school for 1:45PM. Guests will get a copy of all recipes and tastings of all dishes at the end of the demonstration
Below is details of the menu for this day.



  • Shellfish preparation

Plate of Irish Shellfish with Homemade Mayonnaise – Oysters, Mussels, Shrimps, Palourdes, Cockles, Periwinkles and Sea Urchins if available

Oyster Leaves (Mertensia maritime) and Sea Urchins

  • Casseroles - Casserole roasting
  • How to carve a chicken 

Casserole Roast Chicken with Marjoram or Tarragon

Spatchcock Chicken with Verdura Mista, Mayonnaise and Basil Pesto

Spatchcock Chicken with Camilla Plum’s Roasted Fennell, Potatoes, Pickled Lemon, Saffron and Yoghurt

Spatchcock Chicken with Rosemary and Chilli Oil (recipe only)

Camilla’s Braised Carrots with Elderflower

Piquant Beetroot

  • Cook spiced beef
  • How to use carrageen moss seaweed 

Carrageen Moss Pudding with Sweet Geranium and Irish Coffee Sauce

Honey Carrageen Moss Pudding with Sorrell and Chocolate Soil

  • How to poach fruit

New season’s Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote

Camilla’s Rhubarb Soup with Angelica

Poached Apricots with Sweet Geranium Leaves; Green Gooseberry and Elderflower Compote (depending on blossom)

Elizabeth Mosse’s Gingerbread - Molten method: loaf and square tin – serve with apple purée; Porter Cake – Molten method

Banana and Walnut Bread; Mrs. Robinson’s Buttermilk Carrot Cake

Beetroot and Walnut Cake, Parsnip and Maple Syrup Cake

Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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