In this new course Rachel Allen and Daniel Davey (Performance Nutritionist at Leinster Rugby) will show you what you need to know to perform to your potential. 

This course will gives people the chance to gain the “edge” in the kitchen to prepare meals that help them achieve their nutrition goals in an enjoyable and efficient manner. They can also learn about nutrition in the best possible environment, in the kitchen while cooking delicious and nutritious food.

Daniel believes that cooking skills are a fundamental requirement for any athlete to meet their nutrition goals and the earlier you can learn these skills the better. Cooking should never be looked at as a chore but something fun, enjoyable and rewarding.  Together Rachel and Daniel have created a cookery course for athletes  keen to learn more and improve their cooking skills

Who should attend – Cooking for Performance Atheletes?

  • Anyone involved in sport who wants to expand their knowledge on how to prepare and cook the correct meals for various performance related goals.
  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Personal trainers
  • Active people who want to improve their cooking skills


Why should you attend?

  • Gain a performance edge in the kitchen
  • Learn new recipes and cooking skills to make your food prep efficient and enjoyable
  • Learn about performance nutrition in a relaxed and enjoyable environment

A selection of different recipes, menus and meals will be demonstrated for  post gym work outs, endurance training recovery,  meals to eat during down days / recovery days,  preparation for competition performance and meals to focus on for improved body composition.


“After natural talent and appropriate training, an adequate diet is known to be the next most important element for enhancing the training and performance of sports people.” Williams C (1996).

Athletes are more aware than ever of the value of good food for their health and sporting performance, but that doesn’t always mean they have the necessary skills to prepare tasty meals to meet their personal needs. If you want to perform to your potential consistently and have a long career in sport, sound nutrition practice is a key component. For athletes, the focus is performing consistently at the highest level in training and competition. However with today’s busy lives nutrition often suffers and so too can performance.

Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.