Here at Ballymaloe, making our own home-made stocks has always been a priority.  

The translation of ‘fond’, the French word for stock is foundation and that just sums it up. Stocks are a power house of vitamins and minerals and comforting nourishment.  It’s the flavour basis of all broths and so many other good things,  soups, stews, risotto. ..

Making stock is actually a mindset. It’s just a way of working, instead of throwing things into the bin, think first .  Does this qualify for the stock pot?

Stocks can be made in a tiny kitchen or restaurant larder, from small up to enormous quantities. Home cooks can save up bones, vegetable and herb trimmings until they have enough to make a celebration pot of stock. It freezes well and is an essential resource for any cook or chef.  

…. In this intensive afternoon we’ll show you how to make chicken, beef, fish and vegetable broths and how to utilise them in a variety of ways,  plus we’ll add many flavours ,  Asian, Mexican, Moroccan, Mediterranean …. to your basic broth so everyone in the family, from tiny tots to athletic teens and Grandmas and Grandas will be clamouring for more.

Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.