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There’s a growing interest among chefs and enthusiastic amateurs for home-curing and sausagemaking , a subject we’ve become more and more absorbed by in the past few years as we continue to learn and explore the rich traditions of many countries including – France, Spain , Italy, Germany, Poland .....

On this busy one day course you will learn how to butcher a side of pork frm nose to tail.  Identify the cuts and learn about the technique involved to dry and we curing.  Make four different types of sausage and salami, chorizo, frankfurters, beerfest sausages, brawn.........

Philip Dennhardt, who is German-born, comes from a long line of butchers. He is a naturally modest man and so when he first came to the school he made no mention of his considerable experience. This led to a very amusing moment when a member of our team started to teach him the rudiments of butchery. When it was Philip’s turn to demonstrate what he had been taught he rather surprised everyone by not just cutting up a couple of pork chops, but by completely butchering an entire carcass with the skill of a master surgeon. Anyway he is a ‘natural’, as they say.

This course is also designed for those who would like to explore ways to add value to their meats products, with a view to developing an artisan food business.

A light lunch is included.

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