Like all businesses today that are involved in any industry, we rely on the efforts of thousands of open source software developers to run our website, our office, our management and our farm.  We greatly appreciate their efforts in a way that we appreciate the efforts of artisan food producers who get up early in the morning to bake bread, make cheese or dig some potatoes, we appreciate the efforts of software developers who stay up until early in the morning creating the software that runs the world and every business from the smallest to the largest.

This page is an incomplete list of the open source software projects that we use.  

Caddy Web Server Apache Web Server Maria DB
Smarty PHP Git
LetsEncrypt Javascript JQuery
ImageMagick Curl Go Lang
Drupal Bootstrap Framework7
DocTo Zen Photo GitList
SwiftMailer SlickGrid  



We also try to contribute financially to some of these software projects to ensure their continued existance and to pay respect to their authors and maintainers.  

Project Contribution 2016 Contribution 2017 Contribution 2018 2019
Caddy €100 €1200 €700 €500
Framework7 €18 €70 €70 €70
Lets Encrypt   €100 €100 €100
Smarty       €20

This includes selecting the paid option for some websites and projects that we could use the free option for, but as a business feel it is essential to support these services.

Dropbox, Zapier, Github, Screenhunter Pro